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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome Breslin to The Moriches

Breslin Realty, welcome to Center Moriches; we at Lieb School and Lieb at Law are glad to be your neighbor. On their website, Breslin offers its site plan to bring big box retail to the quaint Moriches community.

While many may dislike the thought of big box retail in such a historic community in their initial gut reaction, this project should be viewed positively as it offers life to a very dead downtown that should benefit from some out-of-town traffic and life. More so, Breslin knows the community's unique character and seems to be embracing our culture with their marketing efforts. Specifically, the site plan's comments read as follows:

"Being one of the Gateways to the famous Hamptons of Long Island, this site affords major big box retailers the unusual opportunity to capitalize on one of the most sought after markets on Long Island. The location enjoys a non-competitive advantage on the South Shore, due to lack of developable, zoned retail properties; and due to the access from Sunrise Highway and Montauk Highway, your customer can access the site within minutes of Southampton, as well as the Moriches and surrounding trade areas."

We guess the secret of Center Moriches' marvelous location, being situated as the Gateway to the Hamptons, is out and more and more people will want to share in our pristine waterfront properties and striking downtown charm.

Welcome Breslin!