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Sunday, March 24, 2013

More Positive Housing Data in the News

In Saturday's New York Times, Floyd Norris, wrote an article entitled Off the Charts, Housing, Ailing for Years, Starts to Recuperate. The article addresses a Census Bureau report that single-family housing starts rose to the highlest level seen since 2008, which is terrific news especially when reflecting on the Great Recession and where the real etate industry has been during the last few years when every other sector started to show a rebound.

To visit the Census Bureau's website on New Residential Construction data, click here. This website is a great resource for Real Estate Professionals because you can analyze data from permits filed all the way through the characteristics of new homes such as the number of bathrooms to the number of fireplaces to even the materials of secondary walls. It also provides data on the all important topic of housing financing.

Yet, back to the article, the key for Real Estate Professionals should move away from the quantitive numbers or illustrative charts, both of which are important, but instead the focus should be that there is just another news article talking positvely about housing. This is particularly important to Real Estate Professionals because housing purchases, new construction and rennovations all deal with trends and emotion. The talk is positive - lets go ride the wave with positive energy and keep housing moving up.