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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Organizations and Clubs for Long Island Commercial Real Estate

I am often asked how someone can get into commercial real estate. My general response is that a first step is to read literature on financial statements so that you can understand the money driver behind the industry. I suggest watching talks from leading developers, which can be found at i Tunes U. Its also important to read a form lease and to look up all of the terms so that you can gain a basic understanding of the language of the industry. Yet, what can be done that takes less self-discipline to get someone motivated, kind of a jump start?

I suggest joining one of these five (5) regional organizations to meet, network and discuss your passions and you can see if commercial real estate is really right for you.

Long Island Real Estate Investment Association
Real estate investment club for brokers
Long Island Real Estate Group
Provides the real estate industry and allied trades a platform for real estate-related charitable giving and networking
Long Island Commercial Network
Commercial Division of the Long Island Board of Realtors
Commercial Industrial Brokers Society of Long Island
Where Nassau and Suffolk commercial dealmakers meet and build relationships
Building Owners’ and Managers’ Association
The leading advocacy group for the commercial real estate industry

Go to the website, look up when a meeting is happening, drive to the meeting, introduce yourself around the room and you are half way there. You will gain mentors and friends that can help you along the way.

Also, keep your eyes open for this year's Long Island Commercial Real Estate Convention and come experience the leading service providers to the industry and take a seminar or two to sharpen your skills.

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