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Friday, June 22, 2012

The Origin of the name Lieb at Law, P.C...

Andrew Lieb, reveals how he came up with the name "Lieb at Law, P.C." as featured in CEO Blog Nation answering the question:  HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH YOUR BUSINESS NAME?"

We Chose Something Catchy, Unique & Ethical

I operate a law firm in NY and names for firms in my State cannot be fictitious under ethics rules. Yet, who can remember all of the partners name for a firm? The list is often 3 pages long and says very little to the consumers except that each partner is self-important. So, I decided that we needed something catchy and unique, that said what type of business we are to the consumer, but that also complied with the restrictive ethics rules. Lieb at Law, P.C. is just that and has been approved by an ethics committee opinion letter and all of our clients. Why did you start your business? In my family you only have 1  choice of professions so I became an attorney. Yet, I am very entrepreneurial and wanted to carve my own niche. Therefore, I started a teaching law firm where we are a licensed school in our State with our attorneys serving as the school’s instructors. Just like a teaching hospital, my firm is on the cutting-edge of developments in our field because we teach the topics that we practice in a free educational setting for both attorneys and real estate agents. Our philosophy is that if every student passes on 1 lesson and educates 10 people in their community we have really achieved positive change for society and reduced unnecessary litigation.

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