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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Home prices expected to increase, but consumers desire to purchase decreases

An interesting report by the Chicago Tribune and available on Business Insider, click here to read, discusses this peculiarity and attributes this dichotomy to the current jobs data. Fannie Mae, who offers the underlying Monthly National Housing Survey, characterizes consumer sentiment as the "wait and see" attitude in their article, which is available here.

What should real estate agents learn from these articles?
Clearly, the answer is who their target audience is. Consumers in areas and industries with high job security appear to be the best target purchasers. So, the question becomes where to look. Yahoo finance has your answer in a report by US News and World Report on the "Exciting Jobs in the Fastest-Growing Industries", which you can locate by clicking here.

Its postulated that individuals in these industries should be targeted by buyers brokers. Good luck and go make a meeting of the minds and sell that property.

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