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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Underground Oil Tank Test - EZY3 Locator Plus Test

There has been a recent discussion among some local attorneys about the validity of and mechanism of an EZY3 Locator Plus Test. Knowing what I don't know, I asked Matt Kaplan of Housemaster, who teaches home inspections at our real estate school to explain.

Here is his response:

EZY 3 Locator Plus is not new technology (10 years). It uses ultrasound to scan the ullage (empty) area of a tank and is generally used in conjunction with other testing devices, such as low pressure volumetric testing equipment. The testing model described below is completely inaccurate based on several levels.

For example, air intrusion is not a physical condition considered during a tank test. Pressure may be introduced to a bulk storage facility and monitored for changes in pressure, but there is no condition for 'sucking' or release determined during that testing cycle.

Petroleum bulk storage (PBS) testing is regulated within specific guidelines established by regulatory authorities. The simplistic language referred to below actually creates a question of liability based on misinformation.

Your client would be served better by understanding the nature surrounding petrochemical pollution and appropriate regulations.

Specially, Matt was addressing the attorneys statement that: "test appears to be the suggested step up insofar as testing from traditional soil sampling, but not sure that it actually applies "pressure" or the like. It seems, unlike an air pressure test of years back (blowing air INTO the tank to check for leakage of air out of it), the below may be a slight vacuum of air OUT of thetank, then seeking to determine if air is being sucked INTO the tank- thus holes for leakage."

I hope you now understand the EZY3 Locator Plus Test.

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  1. Sometimes many under ground oil tanker are too sensitive and hard to take charge of it. Well then test were already done. And i hope it is successful.


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