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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Beach Lane

When I said this blog was all things Long Island Realty, I meant it. We have discussed the law, appliance stores, appraisals, inspections, and much more that involves real estate, whether directly or indirectly.

Today, I was reading some news on the Internet to come to learn that another TV show is leveraging the Hamptons (following Royal Pains from last summer, which was a great show). Matthew Broderick will be starring in a comedy pilot about a famous writer who moves out east to help a struggling local paper. Well Matthew, I hope you are talking about Homes of the Hamptons because I would love to work with you (I am a contributing editor of that magazine for full disclosure).

Just a suggestion, but Matthew's magazine should come do a story about Lieb at Law's real estate school, which is making some noise in the Hamptons in reshaping the real estate market.

On a side thought, I believe these 2 shows are going to help the Hamptons real estate market boom as they bring exposure to our secret Jewel of the east end.

What are all of your takes on another show in the Hamptons - will it help the real estate market on the east end, hurt it, or make no impact? Lets discuss...

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