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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Special 4.5 Credit CE Class in NYC (To be Green or not to be Green? That is the question...)

Next Free NYC CE Class

Course: To be Green or not to be Green? That is the question...
Instructor: Andrew Lieb, Esq., MPH
Date: 10/18/13
Location: JPMorgan Chase on 47th and Park
Credits: 4.5
Price: Free + Lunch Included

New York City is a national leader in green buildings with PlaNYC. So, like it or not, green is a staple in the NYC real estate scene for years to come. Yet, what does green really mean? Did you know that the FTC has regulated the field and restricts what you can advertise as being "green"? You see, green is not just a buzz word anymore. Real Estate agents must understand governmental Codes / Ordinances, organizational certifications, and home construction standards prior to labeling property as being green. This continuing education course will also introduce you to mortgage options for going green as well as the NY-Sun Initiative. However, the crux of this course will illustrate the various ways that buildings can go green. Learn how green matters and how to leverage it in sales.  

Friday, July 19, 2013

Digital Shades - Go Green

At our continuing education course last evening I mentioned a terrific new product, not even yet on the market, by Sonte, called Sonte Film, which appeared on Kickstarter recently. This product makes smart film technology easy to install and operate, with the first ever wi-fi enabled digital shades, as demonstrated below. If you can control natural light, you can save on electricity. Enjoy...

Whether you want to enjoy your nice bath or massage with a view or you just want some alone time, the choice is yours at a touch.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ERO Concrete Recycling Robots - So Green; So Cool

Tonight we teach our continuing education course, "To be Green or not to be Green: That is the question". In honor of the green real estate energy that I am feeling, let me share with you a terrific article about a really awesome robot. This robot will change the face of demolition by mitigating dust from traditional demolition techniques while recycling all of the rebar and concrete on-site.

Amazing ERO Concrete-Recycling Robot Can Erase Entire Buildings