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Friday, April 17, 2020

Cuomo Extends Deadlines for Condominium Filing Requirements

Governor Cuomo has signed Executive Order 202.18 which extends deadlines for condominium offering plans, offering breathing room to developers. The deadlines for the following requirements have been tolled:

  • Requirement of filing an offering statement or prospective within 15 months of date of issue of the letter from the attorney general stating that the offering statement or prospectus has been accepted for filing is tolled until May 16, 2020 (see Section 352-eeee(2)(a) of the General Business Law);
  • Filing fees required at the time of submission and filing of each offering statement or prospectus also suspended until May 16, 2020 but payment must still be made to the department of law by August 14, 2020 (see Section 352-e(7)(a) of the General Business Law);
  • Requirement of Sponsor’s preparation of a budget for the first year of condominium operation is tolled until May 16, 2020. However, the Sponsor must update the first year of operation, as necessary, within 30 days from expiration of Executive Order. The Sponsor shall not be required to offer rescission, to the extent the first year’s budget for operation does not increase by 25% or more during the pendency of the state of disaster emergency (see 13 NYCRR §§ 18.3(g)(1), 20.3(h)(1), 23.3(h)(1)); and
  • Rule requiring a sponsor to offer rescission if the first closing of a unit does not occur within first year of operation is tolled until May 16, 2020, but the sponsor must update the first year of operation, as necessary, by June 15, 2020 (see 13 NYCRR § 20.3(o)(12)).

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