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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Service Requirements when Evicting a Tenant

When a landlord seeks to evict a tenant, the landlord needs to ensure compliance with service requirements. 

In New York, there are three ways that service is typically effectuated: (1) personal delivery (2) nail and mail; or (3) substituted service. 

When selecting a hearing date for the eviction proceeding, landlords must be mindful of the 5 and 12 Rule, as set forth in RPAPL §733The rule states that the tenant must be served no fewer than five days, but no more than twelve days prior to the hearing date. However, when is service complete?  

Although the rules vary slightly between the Housing and Justice Courts, generally speaking, the date the tenant is served does not count; the clock starts the date after the tenant was served.

However, the date of the hearing does count.

Putting it all together - if the hearing date is scheduled for a Wednesday, the last date to complete service would be the Friday before.

Also, if the final day of service falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the time to complete service is extended to the next business day.

Lastly – don’t ever serve the lawsuit on a Sunday or other religious holiday as this is prohibited by law.