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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

4.5 CE Credits | Online Video Class | Divorce Deals (Lieb School Just Released!)

We know that you will never want education from anywhere else after you try it!

Lieb School's leading distance education combines the latest interactive technology, license law education and continuing edutainment. Take Lieb School online courses on-the-go on PCs, Macs, iPads or Tablets.

The first class offering is Divorce Deals ONLINE worth 4.5 Credits (having taken a live class on a topic does NOT prevent earning credits from the online class).

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Watch out! Divorce Deals are terrific fun, but full of challenging obstacles that can cause you headaches and expose you to liability if you aren’t prepared. Ever work with divorcing spouses before? Then you know. Good luck getting them to agree on anything.

Divorce Deals ONLINE is an adaptation of the live class Divorce Deals offered by Lieb School. This 4.5-hour distance education course is designed to teach New York real estate brokers and salespersons how to navigate through all the complexities of divorce deals.

This course is instructed by premiere lecturer and attorney Andrew M. Lieb, Esq., MPH, who combines video footage of live class segments with visuals, study guides, and quizzes in order to optimize your understanding of the intense materials. It is delivered in an asynchronous model to allow for accessibility whenever and wherever you find convenient while also offering note-taking and in-class comment features to provide opportunities for feedback, questions, and discussions.

Unlike the 3-credit live class, this course accounts for 4.5 credits of the total 2-year requirement of 22.5 credits for license renewal, thereby allowing you to satisfy more credits with just one class. A divorce can pull everyone and everything into its grasp. This course will offer the tools that you need to handle those intricacies while earning your commission.