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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Attention Hamptons & North Fork Real Estate Professionals: Registration NOW available for Continuing Education Courses in Southold and Southampton. Classes are 3 Credits Each and Free! (Thanks to our sponsors HANFRA, SEA TOW INTERNATIONAL, and SOUTHAMPTON INN)


November 11th - (Southampton) ** COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE

- To register go to

About The Courses:

Foreclosure Filibusters
Credits: 3 Hours

Instructor(s): Andrew M. Lieb, Esq., MPH

Summary: We are pleased to offer this advanced seminar on delaying the foreclosure process. This course is a modified version of a course first taught by Mr. Lieb to hundreds of attorneys through First American Title Insurance Company of New York's CLE program. Yet, we tailored the content to help Real Estate Professionals understand the Federal Programs available (such as HAFA’s Proactive Short Sale Agreement requirements) and how they can best utilize the programs to close deals before the auction.

After taking this course, a Real Estate Professional should feel at ease with the Making Homes Affordable Program, be knowledgeable about Restraining Orders through Motion Practice and become familiar with Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcies.
Real Estate Professionals will become empowered to educate their clients on techniques to avoid a deficiency judgment while prolonging the foreclosure process and saving face while avoiding the foreclosure auction.

Commercial Real Estate Course
Credits: 3 Hours

Instructor(s): Andrew M. Lieb, Esq., MPH; Jennifer Pendzick

Summary: For both residential agents looking to expand their know-how and commercial professionals looking to hone their skills. This survey course discusses the commercial value add, land use (zoning), property management, commercial valuation, the 1031 exchange, and the tenants in common ownership structure.

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